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Your Security

It is extremely important to us that everybody who uses this site feels safe and secure. While it is extremely unlikely that you will encounter any problems we urge you to proceed with caution when contacting a new team or meeting up with a playing partner. Always use your common sense and instinct.
When making a new contact on the site:
1) Do not initially give out too many personal details about yourself.
2) When speaking to a new contact do not use your home number. If you use a mobile try to withhold your number.
When meeting up with a new team/playing partner for the first time:
1) Always meet in a public place that you are comfortable and familiar with.
2) Always take a friend with you when meeting a new team/playing partner for the first time. If this is not possible let somebody know where you are at all times and stay in regular contact with them.
3) Be sure to take a fully-charged mobile phone (with credit) with you.
4) Do not agree to be collected from or dropped off to your home until you are fully familiar with your new team or playing partner.
As a user of you will have agreed to the fact that you are aged over 16. If however you are posting details as manager of a club for children aged under 16 it is absolutely imperative that only the name of the club and general location is listed - no images or personal details are to be posted regarding members of this club. If you are then contacted regarding this club it is imperative you you take all necessary steps to screen the parent or guardian looking for a club for their child.    
If you believe that any individuals or teams on this site are untrustworthy or dishonest please let us know immediately here.
Please see our terms and conditions for further information.