About us

About Play4ateam.com

Play4ateam.com is a free sports-community website designed to make sport more accessible and enjoyable, as well as promoting increased sports participation and healthier living throughout the UK and Ireland. 
Back in 2006, having played Sunday league football for many years and struggled to consistently have enough squad members for our team, we noticed that there wasn't a simple facility for clubs and available players to find each other easily. After carrying out additional research this was also found to be a problem in other sports and the idea for www.play4ateam.com was conceived.  

Play4ateam.com has initially taken some of the most popular and growing sports in the U.K. and Ireland and created a unique and comprehensive website to include everything any club or player should need. We plan to widen our location into Europe and beyond plus expand the site to cover most sports. So if there are any you want us to include, please let us know here.  Sport should be fun. We hope you enjoy the site.


Damian and Nick.